Customer Testimonials

Here are a few of our proud customers

  1. "Got it today! This beast is bad to the bone! I love these strings! Everything arrived perfectly. Thanks again, money well spent!"
    Robb - Proud New Member of the Chaos Syndicate and Owner of War Machine
  2. I just purchased R.O.T the other day as a present for my son, he turns 15 next month. After spending days looking for the perfect guitar I knew my search was over when I laid eyes upon R.O.T. Her beauty is beyond compare to any of the other guitars I had seen... and your adding wifi capabilities giving the player ability to record or take stills is insane! I can't wait to see my son's face when he sees your masterpiece. Absolutely love the post-apocalyptic vibe! đź’€Keep up the awesome work you do, your guitars are amazing!!!
    Beth C - Who's son is now a Proud New Member of the Chaos Syndicate and Owner of R.O.T. (ok Beth is a member too and a Badass Mom!)
  3. "Awesome work! Thank you very very much for this awesome guitar!"
    David C - Proud New Member of the Chaos Syndicate and Owner of Broken
  4. "Already played her she's awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing Chaos guitars in the future."
    Harold M - Proud New Member of the Chaos Syndicate and Owner of Hell Katt
  5. "Thank you so very much @chaosguitarsofficial for creating this bass for me. I love how she feels and the color pops beautifully. I cannot wait to play this in my hartke rig at home."
    Jeff Hinz of Sinaro - Proud new member of the Chaos Syndicate and Owner of #3 of 3 Witch Isobel
  6. "I am blown away. Your work tho chaotic is pure quality. I am happy I was jumping up and down when I laid my eyes on the virgin. Thank you very much Dave!!"
    Power Ortiz - October 2018 member of the Chaos Syndicate with his one of a kind custom B.C. Rich Virgin.
  7. "Dave worked on two of my acoustic guitars. The main focus was my Aria acoustic guitar. Leveled and re-crowned four frets, gave the guitar an overall tune up, and replaced the string pegs on both guitars. Very pleased with the action and how she is playing. If you’re looking for someone that knows guitars, is honest, and does great work be sure to check them out. Dave even took the time to polish and clean the guitar. Very pleased."
    Timothy Doty
  8. "Did great work to my 30 year old Ibanez that was collecting dust. Once again, it plays phenomenal. From the wiring, new pots and repairing a switch, no details were missed upon it returning. Fast turn around time, will be taking all my guitars there for repairs!"
    Dan H
  9. "Dave did a pickup swap on and setup on my semi hollow, he also fixed up an old rusty Schecter I had lying around and got it sounding great again. He had everything ready the next day and gave me a great price too. Would definitely recommend for local guitarists."
    Akash Vasishtha
  10. Our first 2019 Chaos Syndicate member and proud owner of our nasty rat rod guitar the Mad Max LP. You can see it live if your local so go check out his facebook page for dates.
    Scott Marshall - Marshall's Highway - LVMA winner.