You Know About Snark Tuners!  What About Snark Picks

* For the majority of my career in music about 25-30 years I have religiously used Dunlop tortex picks, it’s just the pick I started with and the picks I have always loved. Over the years my friends and fellow musicians experimented with the shark fin looking picks and picks made out of bone or some new material scavenged from the area 51 UFO that crashed in Roswell while I stuck to my purple Dunlop’s. So I’m sure we all own at least one Snark tuner (if not buy one, you will love it) If your like me you own multiples, The last few I bought came with a free surprise - a pick. Genius marketing by Snark because 20 something dollars later I have 4 packs of Snark picks and I only needed 2 for my review (I should start hitting these companies up for some goodies for all the free advertising I do for them!) So here in my un biased review on these picks.
According to the Snark website the picks are laser cut and polished for 30 hours to provide superior tone. They are grip coated on one side of the pick to help with slippage. Right now that are available in Celluloid and what Snark calls Neo Tortoise which i assume is a laboratory made tortoise shell. They offer the picks in your basic guages thin, medium, medium/heavy, and heavy the gauges differ slightly from celluloid to tortoise, I Will list the gauges at the bottom of the review for you. Here is my honest impression of these picks....As an accomplished guitar player that has tried many brands over the years but was always loyal to what I liked and what worked best for me I swore by Dunlop picks, but that may have been different if I had these 20 years ago! While dunlop has always treated me well as a musician and made a good product I have to admit I have already added Snark to my very small list of picks I like and use. I love the one sided grip coating it is perfect! it is just enough to keep the pick where it needs to be but not too much to make it hard to move around in your fingers. I like to spin the pick and use a different edge for a different sound on certain notes or harmonics and these are perfect for that. The pick definitely has a nice clean crisp sound and glides over the string like it was covered in strawberry body lube.... It makes your pick harmonics easier and tighter in my opinion. I really have noticed a sound difference with these picks and that's saying something because I have people telling me all the time " you have to try this pick ...its made of a whale's penis bone, polished with 1 billion grit diamond fused hyper-bolic paste compound and coated in alien technology sticky non stick grip sounds awesome and makes you play like Randy Rhoads" Will this pick do that? pick improves your playing ability, only practice does that. however these picks will have better tone and feel then allot of picks out there and the fact that they come with a pick file so you can customize them to your playing style or just make them last longer is way cool too..

All these great things said are my opinion for the type of music I play, you may agree and you may think I am a complete ass but that is the great thing about this have that right. I suggest you do your own testing but I am pretty sure you will agree with most if not all of my findings. 

Snark Pics - 9

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Thin .64 plays like .6
Medium .78 plays like .73
Med Heavy .94 plays like .88
Heavy 1.07 plays like 1.0

Thin .5
Medium .7
Med Heavy .88
Heavy 1.0