In Memory Of Doug Walbert 

Who was Doug Walbert you may ask, Well allow me to tell you. I had a good friend (Corey) in high school (which was what seems like 100 years ago). He played drums and I played guitar so naturally, we jammed together and one day Corey introduced me to Doug who played bass. Long story short we jammed off and on for a bit and then we went our own way for a while only to hook up again and add my step-brother Chad on drums, Steve on rhythm guitar and Mid-Evil was born. We were all good friends and bandmates. Doug was probably one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He always had your back and would do whatever it took to make music work. He was just the kind of person you wanted to be around because he was positive and you just felt better being around him. Chad and I had some of the best times of our life with Doug from playing on the same stage as Pantera to laughing until we cried. Doug was smart as a whip, funny, talented, and just an all-around caring and good human being! I found out the day I came home from vacation with my kids that Doug was found in his apartment dead. 7-1-17 is a date that I will never forget. Chad and I are crushed, We now have to live with a little piece of us missing. Doug will be missed. We all loved him dearly and life without him in it just will not be the same, Moving on is a simple thing, What it leaves behind is hard. R.I. P my friend.

Coming Soon - Doug Walbert Tribute B.C. Rich Warlock Bass