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#1 Oct 8 2018 Chaos Hot Bypass Switch

We suggest you watch the Push/Pull pot theory video first if you are not familiar with the components we are using. Watch the "Hot Bypass" video, download and print the tech drawing. Use all the links we posted on the page to help you get your parts and tools if there is anything else you want a link for just ask and I will get it up on the webpage ASAP. Use what we are giving you, have fun with it and ask for more! let us know what other mods or tech you want and we will give it to you. There is a contact link in the footer and I will put a big one right on this page for you to leave comments, ask questions,  and tell us what you want to see.
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Thank You and Enjoy
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Push/Pull Pot Theory Video

Push/Pull Pots Get um' Here

#1 G.T.T. Hot Bypass Video

Mini Toggle Switch​​
Get um' Here​

Download Tech Drawing

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DMM cheap
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Fluke DMM
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NOTE: If you came into the site from our Instagram page you won't be able to download the drawing due to a glitch in the Linktree app we use - however if you just go to our site ( through your regular internet provider you will find the Guitar Tech under our Home tab and all will be right in the world
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Soldering Kit - Cheap
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Weller Soldering Station
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