Chaos Guitars is proud to announce our "Artist Endorsement Program". This program has been in discussion for some time now and we have finally decided to pull the trigger on it. With all the logistics now worked out, we will be starting with only a select few Artists to join the team and grow with our Chaos Guitars family. We are hoping these first few Artists will be our core Artists that will represent Chaos Guitars and what we stand for and be with us for the life of the company. If you are interested in becoming a Chaos Guitars Artist you will find all the information you need on this page.

A few things you should know first

  • An endorsement DOES NOT equal FREE guitars or gear!
  • You will need to already own or be purchasing a Chaos Guitar (see first bullet point)
  • EVERYONE starts as a "C" level (entry level) artist.
  • We will put in as much work as you put in.
  • We will promote you as much as you promote us.
  • We will NOT hold you exclusively to Chaos Guitars gear (at the present time).
  • We INSIST on professionalism.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the contract without notice if any of the terms are NOT met.
  • Either party may terminate the contract with 30 days written notice.

In other (Chaos) words....

While there is the necessary legal contractual terminology in the documents you will need to review the bottom line is that Chaos Guitars is a family and as such our contract will stand until one of us, the Artist or the Company takes a turn the other doesn't agree with, stops supporting the other, or decides the "family" feel just isn't there and then the contract will end! It really is that simple! 
It's kind of like a 401K.... we will match the efforts of the artist. the more you promote Chaos the more we promote you, your music, your band and the better off you do and on top of all that you will get gear discounts, swag, and special bonuses along the way. 

The cold bottom line is:
Companies offer these endorsements to sell more product! Artist's seek these endorsements to get more products and to build a reputation. Yes, we all still fall into this category but Chaos hopes to blur that line between Company/Artist and make it closer to one big fun Dysfunctional Family!

What do you do next?

  • Download the Prerequisite document. Do you meet the qualifications? if yes - continue, if no...get to work!
  • If you met the qualifications download the Application and complete it.  
  • Send us the Applications along with all requirements asked for in the Prerequisite's document and any social media information to verify claims. This is the important part! Chaos bases our decisions not as much on where you are in your career but more on the quality of person you are and where you are headed. While it is always tempting to        S t r e t c h the truth, we prefer you just tell it like it is. Honesty is a wonderful quality in life but unfortunately a forgotten quality in business.
  • While we review and verify all your accomplishments and information you might as well download and read the Contract in case we agree to the endorsement, this way you are all ready and up to speed!
  • We will contact you with our decision. Don't get discouraged these things take time and not everyone gets in,  We are a small company with limited resources so we are keeping our Artist family small at the moment but that doesn't mean your time won't come soon if it's not now.