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I started my career in music with one or two guitars, a Randall half stack and a crapload of GHS Boomers. And I have to be honest here...I still love the Boomers also, however, DR's are pretty much my string of choice now and have been for quite some time. The sound is superb the quality is outstanding and as a guitar builder, well, Take a look at some of the photos on our website! on a lot of our projects, the DR's is what just pushes it over the edge and that's saying a lot for some of the stuff we build. There is nothing as cool as our Witch Series of guitars in their slime green paint with black beauties. or our P61 Black Widow prototype in gloss black with green neons.
Anyway on to the review...
The following is the opinion of Chaos Guitars ONLY and although we are right no matter what you think it is up to you to decide for yourself if you actually agree with our findings. So don't be a sheeple and get out to your closest music store a buy a Sh*t load of DR's and decide for yourself! And then you can drop us a line and tell us we were right! but we already know that. 

The Review

I have to start out the review with the DR website,  It is one of the easiest and cleanest websites I have seen in a long time. I have done many reviews and articles and was even a feature in a book once and all the research I have done over the years was never as easy as it was for this DR strings review. There is a lot of great information on their site and it is all super easy to find not to mention free downloads of product pictures which is incredibly smart because I get to use their product shots without legal worries and they get free advertising to all my followers, Very Smart DR! 

So that being said... I have used many of their different products (pics below) and while I can only comment on the ones I have used I have no reason to think differently about the products I have yet to use and would not hesitate to try new products from DR like I would from some other companies. DR has never been a "hit or miss" product with me, it's always a hit.

To start with, their price is comparable to any other string out there. I love the packaging, it's simple and not overdone, well designed and clearly labeled. The strings offer plenty of length for however you decide to string your guitar and whatever set up you have from a fixed bridge to Kahler or Floyd Rose, speed loader whatever! The strings seem a lot more durable than some of the other brands out there. I had a client once who kept breaking the same string, when asked for advice I told him to bring it in and let me see if there was a burr or something causing the string to fail repeatedly, he insisted there wasn't so I suggested he get rid of the junk strings and try DR's, he did and it was fine, however when he brought the guitar in at a later date for a different issue....well burr found! but DR's were still on it!

I have to talk a bit about their K3 Technology Coating, What is it? Hell if I know and I doubt they are going to give out any secrets here but I have to be honest I don't care if its elephant snot.....IT WORKS! I love it and won't go back to non-coated strings now so A++ to DR on that one! 

And a word about the Neons:
I have to admit the first few times I put them on a guitar some of my buddies were ...well...less than enthused and being a MetalHead myself they were quick to point out that I was "selling out" but that's the "closed mind - you have to use what you started with" way of thinking. People are very visual, especially fans of music and concert goers, it's all a very visual experience. When I build a visually stunning guitar and the last, and one of the most important things to go on are the strings, I want not only something that sounds incredible but also doesn't look like your neighbor's guitar! I want people to look and my work and either say, Oh that has to be a Chaos Guitar or WOW what is that? I need one! My only complaint about the neons is that the color wears off where you pick rather quickly but I guess that's to be expected.

So with all that being said, I didn't touch on the sound all that much other than to say how good it was. I was going to post some sound clips from the different DR's I have on some of the 60+ guitars here but I wanted a larger variety of DR products to record and as a small business, Well I just don't have that option right now but that's ok because to go back to the first few lines of this review......DR's website is phenomenal and they have sound clips right on their site which I will link to once I have their permission. So go there and listen, then go buy, then be happy, then tell DR - Chaos was right and now DR's are your favorite strings!
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